What is the rationale behind your sauna model names?

Our names are meant to describe the characteristics of a particular sauna layout. The format of the name is
[Wood type: S=Spruce/C=Cedar] [size in inches: NN=depth NN=width][type: PF=Prefab/KT=Kit/CU=Custom]{-COR=cornor}.
For example a "S 6279PF-COR" is made of Spruce, is 62" deep, 79" wide, a PreFab, and fits into a Corner.

Why is cedar installed vertically in most saunas?

Four reasons. One, so water runs down the cracks and out. Two, to reduce overall material cost because of reduced waste. Three, ease of installation. Four, most people feel that it looks much nicer.

Where can I put a sauna?

Anywhere! Inside, outside, upstairs or downstairs. You only need a water resistant floor (ie. no carpeting).