Bucket Seating

You can select one of Airmist's "Tylö Elysee" steam suites for 1-50 people! Under our "Layouts" section, we show some of the possibilities for your home, health club, apartment or hotel, we show the size of the suite, and we define exactly what comes with each suite. The Elysee steam suites are made of a very durable high tech special plastic, which has been specifically designed to withstand the demanding climate inside a steam suite. These suites are light, but very strong. One of the routine tests done on the suites is to drop a 250 pound sack of sand onto one of the seating sections 100,000 times - if the seat shows the slightest trace of wear, the material is rejected as substandard! That is why we can send it to you with a 5 year material guarantee! Your steam suite will come to you in wall sections. You can easily assemble the suite in a matter of hours, and be relaxing in the soft steam for years! You can put your suite directly on a cement, tile or seamless vinyl floor. The comfortable, individual seats are integrated into the wall sections, and are designed so that any condensation simply runs off. The door can be hung to open left or right, is made of smoked, tempered safety glass, and has protective edging strip around the door leaf. There is a drainage strip at the base, and an air inlet under the door. You can order the suite in a standard color (white or marble), or order a custom color of your choice. Shower trays are available for smaller models of the Elysee. Wall sections made of smoked safety glass, or a service wall section with shower essentials can be substituted at no extra charge.