Tylarium Steam Saunas

The Tylarium offers the unique experience of a traditional sauna and a steam bath in the same room. This is the perfect solution for people who are undecided between a hot sauna and a cooler, humid steam room, or simply would like to have both.

An Airmist Tylarium is lined on the interior with 100% clear Western Red Cedar. As the room heats up and the humidity increases, the wonderful aroma of the cedar fills the room. The sauna heater operates in conjunction with the steam generator through the digital control panel. The control is mounted on a wall outside of the room and has features for temperature settings, relative humidity, preset options, light control and security. The heater is mounted inside the room, and the generator can be mounted up to 50 feet away. The Tylarium gives you the flexibility of operating your sauna at a very low temperature with a high relative humidity to a very high temperature and a low relative humidity. There is a perfect temperature and humidity level for everyone.

After each bathing cycle, the control panel automatically turns the heater on for a drying period. This takes all of the moisture out of the cedar returning it to its original moisture content. The Tylarium steam sauna has been tested and proven, and will be the most relaxing sauna you have ever experienced. Tylariums require an SE-U model heater, VA or VB steam generator and a separate digital control panel, all of which are manufactured by Tylo. Airmist can build your Tylarium Steam Sauna to whatever dimensions you have to work with. 

Tylariums are ideal for commercial environments as well. No more flooding the stove with chlorinated water. The cedar will not darken as fast because of the lower temperatures. The Tylarium will provide a pleasant environment for your clients.